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The Larnaca Anti-Drug Association

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The Larnaca Anti-Drug Association is a non-governmental voluntary association which has been in operation both in the city and the wider area of Larnaca since 1990. It is the oldest organization of this type in Cyprus dealing with prevention.


Policy of the Association

The Association applies the general government policy in its prevention programs which are focused at various social groups. The general physical and psychological wellbeing of people, the promotion of health and the development of personal and social skills are some of the traits running through our prevention programs. These ensure the well being, the development of sensitivity, imagination and a positive view of life with a development of resistance to the pressure that comes from negative or marginal behavior.


Other organizations formed by the Association:

In 1992 in cooperation with the organization “Psychological Health for All” the Open Therapeutic Community of Drug Addicted Persons “TOLMI” was formed. It became independent since 1997.


  • Prevention starts at an early age:
  • In 1994 in cooperation with other organizations we formed KENTHEA which is an island wide forum against drug use.
  • Prevention programs at the evening school for adult learners
  • In 2006 the first Centre of Creative Skills and Life Formation Attitudes “Faros” (The Lighthouse) in cooperation with the Local Government was formed.
  • At the inauguration ceremony of “Faros”

Programs offered by the Association

  • The Association offers various multidisciplinary programs which are of long term value. They focus on current, valid, continuous and scientifically proven theories of addiction
  • We aim at attracting more volunteers in order to inform, sensitize train and use as prevention experts.
  • We also focus in developing prevention programs for creating skills and forming positive life attitude, especially among the young.
  • We print and distribute leaflets about drug addiction and its consequences.
  • A theatre workshop at the service of prevention
  • We organize seminars and lectures by distinguished scientists from Cyprus and overseas in the field of addiction which are for the general public and more especially youngsters, parents, teachers and local government personnel.
  • Sports activities - a tool of prevention both in Cyprus And in cooperation with other Associations in Greece.
  • We also organize various other cultural and social activities.One such event is the 7th Panhellenic conference of drug prevention associations
  • The Larnaca Anti - Drug Association, together with KENTHEA organised the 7th Panhellenic meeting in November 2007.
  • In closing, I would like to remind you that the Larnaca Anti-Drug Association is formed by Volunteers



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