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As we age things change. So the biggest cycling event on the island, the Cyprus Gran Fondo!

We recognize that there is diversity among the participants in both the target and the experience every cyclist and every rider looks to gain in the biggest cycling event in Cyprus. We also monitor the efforts made by each and every one of you to be prepare every year to participate in this great big cycling event. For these reasons we decided to change the nature and capacity of the two groups. The names we gave the two groups is "The Experts group" and «The Sportive Group»

Group #1 - "The Experts group" is aimed at riders who -beyond the participation –are looking to measure up their best performance against other riders who share the same goals. Riders of the first group are riders who often participate in cycling races. Evidence is not required by any one but we will place a minimum time limit behind the first rider. If one enters the Experts group and their finishing time after the first day is greater than the threshold, then he/she will automatically transfer to the second group for the next stages. The Experts group includes all UCI license holding riders or riders holding a license from any National Cycling Federation. Those who do not have a UCI or National license may enter the Experts group once they apply for a special single-event license. The issuance of the license requires an extra cost of €10.

Group #2 – “The Sportive Group” appeals to any rider who through their participation in this event are looking to experience the wonderful Cyprus nature in spring, explore new places and new destinations in Cyprus, socialize with other cyclists and to share their passion for cycling with hundreds of other cycling enthusiasts.
Participants in the Sportive group still be timed at the finish line of each route, but this is not their first motive for participation. Also, the route in this group will be shorter than the one in the Expert group. All routes offer great views and challenge for every level of fitness.

Experts Group 

Riders participating in this group must declare this upon the pre-registration. No changes from Group 1 to Group 2 are allowed during the event. If a participant during the race finishes outside the time limit of the 20% from the winner's time then he or she will have to ride in the Sportive Group in the following stages.

Non-timed sections: All Riders must follow the leading car during the non-timed sections. Nobody is allowed to pass the leading car.

Timed Sections: Riders must take part in all timed sections in order to take a rank in the Final General Classification.

Type of bicycle: Riders of Group 1 must ride a road bike without handlebar extensions. Not applicable for the Time Trial stage. For Time Trial rules see here.

10 minutes Rule: The Expert Group riders must start their timed sections in 10 minutes after the lead car / first rider of the Expert Group has arrived in the Start line of the timed section. Riders of Expert Group arriving after their Group has started the timed section (over the 10 minutes time), will have to start the race and their time will be calculated from the time that the group has started. So any delay more than 10 minutes behind the lead car will be added to the overall time.

20% Rule: Riders of the "Expert Group" arriving at the Finish line with time more than 20% of the first rider will be placed to Group 2 for the remaining stages. Riders whose time is +20% due to mechanical problem (confirmed by a race official) will not be placed to "Sportive Group". 

Broom wagon: Getting in the broom wagon during the timed session will lead to removal from the General Classification but not from the race. In this case the riders can decide whether they continue in Group 1 or Group 2.

Sportive Group

Type of bicycle: Participants in Group 2 are allowed to ride with any kind of bike (Road bike, mountain bike / trekking bike). Recumbent bikes or Tandems are allowed but are not appearing in the final classification. We recommend that these bikes are equipped with tyres suitable for riding on asphalt.

Broom wagon: Riders in Sportive Group that will get in the broom wagon can get of and ride the timed section. If they cannot ride the timed section they can go to the finish in the broom wagon. In this case they will not be removed from the race. Though they will not get a time for the concerned stage.

Timed sections: From the starting point of the timed sections Sportive Group will start 20 minutes behind the Expert Group at every stage. The time for each rider in Sportive Group will be calculated individually. 

Age Categories 2018


Groups / Age Categories / Licenses
Event-Licensed Riders
"Cycling For All"
Juniors up to 18 years old  √  
Men - Women (19-34 yrs)
Masters Men/Women (35-39 yrs)  
Masters Men / Women (40-44 yrs)   
Masters Men / Women (45-49 yrs)   
Masters Men / Women (50-54 yrs)   
Masters Men / Women (55-59 yrs)   
Masters Men / Women (60-64 yrs)   
Masters Men / Women (64+ yrs)   
Men Team Classification  
Women Team Classification  
Mixed Team Classification  
Juniors up to 18 years old  
Men - Women (19-34 yrs)    
Masters Men/Women (35-39 yrs)  
Masters Men / Women (40-44 yrs)   
Masters Men / Women (45-49 yrs)   
Masters Men / Women (50-54 yrs)   
Masters Men / Women (55-59 yrs)   
Masters Men / Women (60-64 yrs)   
Masters Men / Women (64+ yrs)   

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