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Like in the previews year, in 2018 there will be two main groups of participants. The "Expert group" is aimed at riders who -beyond the participation –are looking to measure up their best performance against other riders who share the same goals. The "Sportive group appeals to any rider who through their participation in this event are looking to experience the wonderful Cyprus nature in spring, explore new places and new destinations in Cyprus, socialize with other cyclists and to share their passion for cycling with hundreds of other cycling enthusiasts.

More details for the two main groups you will find in the "Groups and Age Categories" section.


Stage 2 - March 24th 2018

The stage is on the same route for both "Expert" and Sportive" group. (TBC)

Stage 1 for the "Expert Group" - March 23rd, 2018

Individual Time Trial (for the Expert group ONLY)
  • Route: Nikoklia - Kidasi - Nikoklia
  • Distance: 28,6km
  • Total ascent: +357m 

The participants of the "Expert group" on the first stage of the 3-day Tour they will have to race the "Race of truth" by competing in an Individual Time Trial race.

For the first time in the history of the race we will have a ITT stage and we have chosen one of the most beautiful areas in Cyprus to have this race. The Individual time trial (for the Expert group only), will run in the Diarizos Valley, one of the most fascinating routes in Cyprus. We know that during an Individual time trial, the suffer score is very high and enjoying the scenery is a luxury, but give your self a chance to look around and be amazed by the surroundings

The first part of the 28km route is rather flat with short rolling hills whereas the second part (returning back to the start line) is very fast with high speed flat sections and less uphills than the first part. Most preferably an aero frame will make you faster in this course even though strong winds are rare in this valley!


cyprus granfondo 2017 stage 1 expert map.400

Stage 1 for the "Sportive Group" - March 23rd, 2018

  • Route: Pafos - Kouklia - Kourion - Kouklia
  • Total distance: 95,5km
  • Timed section: 74,5km: From Kouklia (km 21) to Kouklia (km 95,5)

The race starts from Pafos Medieval castle with a neutral pace section until the village of Kouklia. There we have a stop of 10mins for rehydration and some fruits before we head down the main road towards Limassol.

The timed section starts at 21km as soon as we enter the B6 road direction to Limassol, so from our stop in Kouklia until the main road (1km) the group speed will be controled by the race director. The timed section route follows all the way towards Kourion Amphitheater ad archeological site where we have our turn point (few hundred meters before the Archeological site).

From there we follow the return route to Kouklia where is the finish. Attention. The way to the finish line - at 95,5km- is from the second entrance to Kouklia, it will be singed so please follow the signs. the last 800m are uphill of average 7% with sections of 8,5% incline!


cyprus granfondo 2017 stage 1 sportive map.400

  • Route: Pafos - Kouklia - Arsos - Agios Nikolaos - Nikokleia - Kouklia
  • Total distance: 88,9km
  • Timed section 68,9km - From Kouklia (km 20) and finishes in Kouklia (km 88.9)

The Queen stage of Cyprus Cycling Tour:

Second stage - starts also from Pafos, in front of the Medieval castle. From there we follow the same way to Kouklia for the refreshment stop before the timed section.

From Kouklia, where the timed section starts at 21km, we head up towards Archimandrita, Mousere, Dora and Arsos where is the highest point of the stage. Three km after Arsos we start descending towards Agios Nikolaos and then ride the fast section along Diarizos Valley, one of the nicest valleys in Cyprus.

The finish line will be again Kouklia (88,9km), after a long and tough day in the mountains. After the finish we head back to the hotel in Pafos.


cyprus granfondo 2017 stage 2 map.400

Stage 3 - March 25th 2018

The stage is on the same route for both "Expert" and Sportive" group. (TBC)
  • Route: Pafos - Peyia - Kathikas - Kritou Terra - Kathikas - Stroumpi - Tsada
  • Total Distance: 63km, 608m ascent,
  • Timed section: 47,6km - From Peyia (km 15,5) and finishes in Tsada (km 63)

As the last couple of days, the start area is in front of the Pafos Medieval Castle. We ride on a neutral pace until Peyia where we stop for a refreshment before the pain of the mountains start.

From Peyia we ride towards Akamas Peninsula and some km after the start we turm right towards Kathikas. A 8km uphill road takes us outside Kathikas before we start descending to Kritou Terra and turn back to Kathikas, follow the road to Stroumpi, Polemi and finish in Tsada.

Despite the shortest length of the stage, it is considered a hard stage but it leaves a sweet after-taste for the accomplishment of finishing a 3 day stage race!


cyprus granfondo 2017 stage 3 map.400


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