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Cyprus Grand Fondo Horizontal

  • 2 Groups of riders - "Expert" and "Sportive" (Cycling for All) both timed
  • Full support on the course (Broom wagon, Technicians, Marshalls, Medical Support, Feed zones)
  • Participation options: Individuals (by age group), Teams
  • For detailed information read regulations below.

It is important for you to understand and observe the following Regulations. Participants agree to abide by the Laws and Technical Regulations of UCI Gran Fondo World Series and Cyprus Cycling Federation.


Licensed Participants with a UCI or National Federation license of any license category issued by their National Federation must present their license at the time of registration. These participants will be classified in their age category according to their License. 

Participants who do not hold a UCI or National Federation license or any other license category will be requested to issue a licence that will be valid for the duration of the Cyprus Gran Fondo. 


Participants must be over 16 years of age. Organizers have the right to approve or deny the participation of anyone if the Event rules are not followed. All riders and participants must register and pick up their numbers and participants kit and all relevant information according to the schedule of the event.

Groups and age categories

For safety and fairness the riders will be separated in two different groups ("Expert" and "Sportive"), that will be subdivided in several age categories. 

Group #1 - "The Experts group" is aimed at riders who -beyond the participation –are looking to measure up their best performance against other riders who share the same goals. Riders of the first group are riders who often participate in cycling races during at least during the year before the date of the VW Cyprus Cycling tour 2017. Evidence is not required by any one but we will place a minimum time limit behind the first rider. If one enters the Experts group and their finishing time after the first day is greater than the threshold, then he/she will automatically transfer to the second group for the next stages. The Experts group includes all UCI license holding riders or riders holding a license from any National Cycling Federation. Those who do not have a UCI or National license may enter the Experts group once they apply for a special single-event license. The issuance of the license requires an extra cost of €5.  

Group #2 – “The Sportive Group” appeals to any rider who through their participation in this event are looking to experience the wonderful Cyprus nature in spring, explore new places and new destinations in Cyprus, socialize with other cyclists and to share their passion for cycling with hundreds of other cycling enthusiasts.
Participants in the Sportive group still be timed at the finish line of each route, but this is not their first motive for participation. Also, the route in this group will be shorter than the one in the Expert group. All routes offer great views and challenge for every level of fitness.

Medical check and Safety

It is strongly recommended that participants in the 'Cycling For All' category, take a Medical check that would simply verify that they are fit to participate in the particular event.

Participants actions during riding must not put themselves or others in danger. Anyone who is not in a position to ride safely can be disqualified.

Left side of the road

Driving site in Cyprus is the left site of the road. The road is not "closed" (car free) for the event, so please ALWAYS ride on the left side. Participants should obey all road traffic regulations at all times and cooperate with the traffic police, the Tour directions and marshals. In the case of repeated warnings towards a rider, a time penalty or fine might be imposed.


Participants in Group 1 must ride road bikes. In Group 2 any kind of bike (mountain bike, road bike, etc) can be used, equipped with tyres suitable for asphalted road. Recumbent and tandem bikes are allowed but are out of competition Any bike used for the event must be in a perfect condition.

For Stage 1 Time Trial ONLY, time trial bikes are allowed according to the following specs: 

bikes for Gran Fondo


A helmet is obligatory to all participants while on bike.

Event program

The program is made to help organizing a safe and nice event. Riders must ensure that each day they are present at the Start Area on time (at least 10 minutes prior the start of the race). First day of the event, the participants must be present at the start location at least 45 minutes before the start time.

Technical assistance

Will be provided by the support staff and vehicles at the specified areas. Technical assistance needed outside these areas will count as race incident and will not allow any delay in the start times of the timed sections. During riding before and after the timed sections, participants are advised to keep the group as compact as possible for safety reasons. Please obey to the marshals instructions

Route changes

During the event the Director can suggest changes to the course. This can be decided for safety reasons. Changes in the timed sections will be avoided if possible. Riders must act in a sporting manner. Their actions during riding must not put themselves or others in danger. Anyone who is not in a position to ride safely can be disqualified.

Non-timed sections

Each stage is consisted of a neutralized sections and a timed section. Non-timed sections are usually before the timed section. In neutralized sections riders must follow the leading car and the signs of the event. Marshaling in the timed sections is done on motorbikes. Riding all non-timed sections is obligatory.

Timed sections

There will be a timed section in every stage in which riders will be timed for the purposes of the General Classification. Timing will be electronic and all riders are responsible to attach their timing chip on their bikes. In timed sections there are no restrictions in the upper speed limit. Riding all timed sections is obligatory.

Finish line

For the event communication all references to the finish line, are referring to the finish of the timed session and not the Finish of the complete route.

Tied results

In case of tied results in time (same time) the best placing of each of the concerned riders in every finished stage will count.

Broom wagon

There will be a broom wagon for use from any of the participants only. Specific regulations for use of broom wagon are specified in each group’s rules.

To the start area

From the hotel to start area, riders must follow the lead car every day. It is obligation of each participant to follow the route of the Tour according to the signage.

After the finish line

From the finish line to the Hotels area the route will also be signed.

Respect the Nature

The event is included by the organizers in the "Think green, Act green" campaign. Our target is to leave no traces on the environment behind us after the event. Littering is strictly prohibited! Please use the garbage bins located across the route or placed in certain areas by the organizer. 

Medical team

First aid will be offered to any of the participants at any time is needed. If medical assistance is needed, the riders must refer to the race Doctor or the Ambulance that will follow the last rider. You can always ask any member of the organizing committee or marshal to help you get in contact with the Medical team. In case of an accident the doctor and the ambulance will be on place as soon as possible

Waiver of Responsibility, declaration of fitness

Participants must sign the waiver of responsibility proposed by the organizer. The participants upon their registration are declaring that they are fit to ride the whole event. Any rider who might not sign the relevant declaration will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Riders Identification - Numbers

Numbers must be placed according to the instructions of the Organizers.

Use of headsets / mobile phones:

Use of mobile phones by participants of while riding is not allowed. Use of a any headset, whilst riding is not allowed.

Media rights / use of images

The Organizer may negotiate the media rights of the event with any media provider. Participants should be aware that the Event may be filmed, photographed and recorded and by accepting the rules and regulations they grant permission to the event Organizers to use such images and recordings of themselves

Participation fees

You can find the participation packages in the dedicated section of this website. Limited participation slots. €100 pre-registration per rider. Pre-register to secure your entry and accommodation

Refund of the fees

Fees for cancellation of participation can be refunded as follows

  • Full amount settlement by 24th February 2016
  • 75% refund for cancellation up to 3 weeks before the event starts
  • 50% refund for cancellation by 2 weeks before the event starts
  • No refunds for cancellation during the last week before the event starts March 2016

Organizers are offering the participants third party insurance for the whole duration of the event. Insurance for personal accidents is offered at an additional cost. Participants can be covered by their own Personal Accidents insurance policy. In this case, a copy of this policy must accompany their registration. In case of not presenting the policy, the organizer will issue a new policy for the event with a charge.


The event is raising funds that will be given to Charities. The charitable associations and organisations to which donations will be made will be announced shortly. Riders or teams who help with raising funds for Charities will be announced officially in the event's website and communication as well during the event's last dinner. Any other way or method of contribution, beyond those proposed by the organizers, to support these organizations, is welcomed, provided that the Event Director has been previously informed and agreed to it.

Award ceremonies

Presence in the award ceremony is recommended to all participants. They will be taking place during dinner time after every stage except for the last stage when they will take place during lunch time. For specific times please see the event’s program.

Teams classification
  • Team participation: Teams can be consisted of 3 riders minimum and 10 riders maximum of different ages and of both sexes. There will be only three team classifications. The Men's team classification, the Women team classification and the Mixed team classification. There are no restrictions in the ratio / number between men and women in the Mixed teams. The best 3 times / riders of each team in each stage will be counting for the team classification. For the overall team classification the three best times from each team will be accounted for the overall team classification.

Participants in Expert Group will have the chance to compete for the following classifications:

  • Overall General classification - Yellow Jersey for "Comp" category, Men and Women
  • Mountain sprint classification - Red Jersey for "Comp" category
  • All winners of their age group get an official UGFWS jersey on the podium during the award ceremony.
Team Classification (Men, Women or Mixed)
  • Best team Classification: Light blue jersey is awarded to the fastest team from all team classifications. For the Team General Classification the best 3 times / riders are calculated on the general classification after each stage
Age categories

Expert group participants will have also a General classification apart from the different age categories classification. Best three riders in each age category are awarded medals. 

UGFWS Finisher Medal

Every rider to finish in the first 25% of his age group in the UGFWS qualifier events shall be given a medal.  The organizer should set up a desk/tent where riders can collect their medal.  

Event Director

The Event Director together with the National commissaire is taking any decision concerning the event. Their decisions are final and not a subject of discussion. All decisions are taken under the spirit of participant’s safety and fair play!

Force majeure

In case of severe weather conditions and after consultation with the National Commissaire the Event director may cancel the whole event or part of it. In such case the registration fees are not refundable.

Technical Information
Signing of the courses

Arrows on the asphalt as well as signs posted on the side of the road will show the race Course.


Marshals will be available to guide the cyclists in key locations. Where there are no marshals please follow the signs.


The Tour route will be available in gpx format to download in your Garmin GPS device.

Feeding Zones

There will be enough Feeding Zones along the race courses. They are set up in every stage and they are signed. They will also be mentioned in the maps of the event. At the feed zones there will be water, fruits, and traditional snacks free of charge. At the Feeding and technical zones, participants can get their energy supplies.

Signing for distance

There will be sings for the distance remaining to the Finish Line as follows: 50km, 40km, 30km, 20km,10k, 5km, 3km 1km, 500m, 300m, 200m, 100m, 50m.

GPM and Intermediate Sprint point system

For each Intermediate Sprint or GPM the points will be awarded as follows: 5,3,2,1


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