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Τriathletes are famous for their high ethical spirit regarding fair play. In various non-drafting Triathlon races rarely do we see athletes violating the rules. That been said we inform all of our participants to observe closely the NON –DRAFTING RULE that exists in our sport. On race day the bike course is technical and a good number of turns exist, therefore care is needed.


Triathletes must follow non drafting rules, therefore adhering to “fair play”.

Let’s review briefly the rules

What constitutes drafting is an athlete staying in the ”vacuum” - Diagram 1 - that is right behind an athlete’s imagery space 3m x 7m - that is equal in length to three bicycles. You, as the athlete not wanting to draft, shall maintain this distance (of three bike lengths) between the in leading cyclist , and this is your responsibility.



Diagram 1 - Distance of Drafting Zone for all Competitors

In the case that you will move into the drafting zone - Diagram 1, you must pass within 15 seconds that you have entered this zone. In those 15 sec you shall attempt to overpass the person in front of you and only when your wheel passes the leading athlete’s front wheel then you are cleared of this drafting position. You cannot extend the attempt to pass over the 15 sec time limit. Therefore if you stay next to and slightly behind the leading athlete for more than 15 sec you are violating the non-drafting rule.



Diagram 2 - Drafting

A has overtaken B and B is now drafting the lead cyclist A
B must drop out of A's draft zone before attempting to repass A
A must move to the Left Hand Side of the road when safe otherwise A can be called for blocking.
B can only overtake A on A's Right Hand Side.

If you have entered this drafting zone - Diagram 2 - and do not manage to overpass the leading athlete within the 15 allowed sec, you are responsible to fall back and outside this zone - Diagram 1, otherwise you will be liable for a drafting violation.

BLOCKING - Worth noting also that a leading athlete shall not BLOCK a following athlete attempting to overpass. If the leading athlete moves to a position (let’s say towards the center of the road) that does not allow the following athlete to overpass, then the leading athlete will be liable for blocking, and will be given a warning. 



Diagram 3 - Blocking

A and B are maintaining adequate separation between each other, even though they are abreast to one another.
B is not drafting a in this instance. A however, is now in a BLOCKING position. If A remains out to the Right Hand Side, A will receive a blocking penalty.

If you are overtaken and passed, you must immediately exit the draft zone, fall back 3 bike lengths , before attempting to pass again. Triathletes must keep to the left hand side of the lane unless they are about to pass.



Diagram 4 - Drafting and Non-Drafting

A and B are maintaining adequate separation.
C is not attempting to pass BC is drafting.
A and B are not drafting.

Diagram 4 shows clearly C drafting off B and A is clear. Triathlete B is not drafting and not blocking.

If caught drafting by a Marshal you shall be given a notification by shouting towards the athlete and showing a YELLOW CARD. A second drafting violation by the same triathlete equals aRED CARD given by the marshal which means that the athlete must serve 1 minute at the Penalty Box. Athletes must be aware that if a red card is given to them they must serve the 1 minute penalty immediately after the bike segment is finished at the Penalty Box. A third drafting violation by the same athlete means that this athlete receives automatically a DQ by a marshal. In case of such an incident the athlete will be informed by the marshal that he/she must stop the race and exit the race course. In case the athlete does not stop, and continues on with the race, despite notification by marshals, there will be no recording of official time and presence, and will be registered at the end as a DQ athlete.

It is the sole responsibility of the athlete who is given a RED CARD to serve the 1 minute at the Penalty Box. Once this RED CARD was issued, the athlete must present himself/herself in the Penalty Box and the marshal shall start the 1 minute counting. No one will coerce the athlete (who is given a RED CARD) that has finished the bike segment, at the DISMOUNT-LINE to go to the Penalty Box. It is the athletes responsibility and “fair play” to serve without further delay. Shall this athlete does not serve the time Penalty a DQ status is automatically given.


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