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Race package pick-up

Package pick-up will take place at the Race allocated Hotel - ALMYRA, on the 17th of November 2017 from 10:00am - 13:00 & 14:00 -18:00. A valid id must be presented at the registration so that package can be released. A DNS (did not start) or did not show up, does not qualify for a refund of registration fees. Registration fees: €120 for the individual participants and €150 per team participation

The Course

  • Total distance: 109,6km
  • The race starts in Pafos, Cyprus, at the Municipal baths area on Saturday, 18th November 2017, at 06:30 in the morning.
  • A complete overview of the O3 Olympus Man race course can be downloaded from our website.

The Swim

  • 1.9km in the Pafos (2 laps of 950m each)- Municipal baths beach.
  • In recent years, the water temperature at the starting point in November has been between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius.
  • The swim will begin with a deep water start.
Wetsuit rules

The temperature of water will be measured at race morning, and announced 60 min pre -start. Please observe the following regulations regarding usage of wetsuit:

  • Over 23 Celsius the use of wetsuits are forbidden and
  • Below 15 Celsius the use of wetsuits are obligatory

Transition 1 (T1)

T1 area is located at the wooden deck in the area of Mpania in Pafos. In T1 only athletes and one supported for each athlete are allowed.

Entering the transition area the triathletes can run or walk towards their respective bike and must wear their cycling helmets, fastened their strap before they pick their bikes and must wear a top - (NO BARE TORSOS ALLOWED). No riding is allowed in the T area and athletes must push their bike up to the clearly marked MOUNTING LINE.

T1 Opens at 5:30 am for bike placement. Athletes and one (1) support person per athlete only are allowed in the transition area. Last bike entry in the transition area can take place up until 6:15 am. Before departing for the bike leg, athletes or their supporters must put their personal belongings in a plastic bag that will be supplied by the organizers. Supporters only may take the athletes belongings.

The T1 area will be guarded 30 mins after last athlete got out of the T1 area. After that T1 will be left un-attended and there will be no guarding, therefore no safety for your belongings. Organizers will not be held liable for any losses or damages.

The Bike

  • 86km km from Pafos to Troodos Square
  • The route: Pafos (municipal Baths - Achelia - Nikoklia - Agios Nikolaos - Platres - Prodromos - Troodos Square). See Map.
  • The entire route will be signed with specific O3 -OlympusMan Sings. It is the responsibility of each athlete to follow the sings and ride on the correct route. Athletes that exit the route at any point must return to the route from the same point. Shortcuts lead to disqualification of the athlete.
  • The organizers will provide aid stations compromising water, fruits, cakes and ready mixed carbohydrates along the bike course. These stations shall be at:
    • 36km in Kidasi;
    • 57km in Platres; and
    • at 76km in Promodros.
    • Water and fruit will also be available at Transition 2.
Bike Rules
  • In Cyprus traffic drives on the left. The entire bike course is open to ordinary traffic.
  • Road traffic regulations must be strictly observed at all times.
  • On the bike leg personal support may assist competitors but only at the recognized aid stations as detailed above.

The following violations may lead to time penalties and/or disqualification

  • Violating traffic regulations
  • Obstructing traffic by not holding to the left whenever possible
  • Use of headsets or mobile phones while on the bike
  • Pacing on the bike leg, either by car or bike.
  • Drafting off another athlete or motor vehicle.
  • On the bike section, receiving support outside any of the recognized aid stations.
  • Drafting and Pacing rules: If caught drafting or pacing by a Marshal you shall be given a 10min penalty on the bike leg. A second drafting / pacing violation by the same athlete means that this athlete receives automatically a DQ.

Transition 2 (T2)

This area is directly on Troodos Square on its north part. It will be clearly indicated with special race signs. Marshals of the race will guide you to the T2 entrance.

Only athletes and 1 supporter per athlete may enter the T2 area.

At the clearly depicted mount/dismount line all triathletes must dismount and push their bikes to the bike racks, were they must ensure that the bike is safely secured on the rack. After that athletes head towards the run course as directed by Marshals.

The Run

  • 21km: Run starts from T2 and takes in two of the hardest and most scenic off road trails in Cyprus, the Atalanti and Artemis. See Map.
  • The run course on the last kilometer follows the dirt road leading up to the summit of Mount Olympus. The last 300m are particularly steep and on rough terrain.
  • The weather in the mountains can change very quickly. You should note that it is likely to be considerably cooler than Pafos. It is very dangerous to go up the mountain if you are too exhausted! It is also unsafe to let athletes enter the mountain in the dark.
  • All competitors who make it to T2 will be brought back down in a bus.
  • There will be 3 water and feed zones comprising of water, fruits, cakes and ready mixed carbohydrates at 3.5km, 13km and 17km of the run course. Competitors may also receive their own support only at these points.
Run Rules
  • The run course is open to other people like hikers or runners.
  • You may have a support runner who can only accompany you on foot - strictly no bikes on the run course. They must also carry the compulsory kit.
  • Compulsory kit -  should include:
    • head torch,
    • first aid kit,
    • full body cover,
    • map of run, liquid,
    • food.
    • May want to have a “skinny kit” and “full kit” option - skinny kit if weather is ok and full kit if weather poor]

Cut off times

  • Bike section: There will be a cut-off time of 4h00m (1h swim and 18km/h bike) total race time at 57km in Platres; and another one of 6h00m total race time at 76km (7km/h from Platres) in Promodros.
  • Run Section: There will be a cut-off time of 9h30m (at 15:30) at the 13km mark. Those competitors who reach that point prior to this cut off time will be allowed to complete the remainder of the course and will receive a “The finisher’s” t-shirt
  • Athletes who don’t make the cutoff times on the bike section will be transported to the T2 by a support vehicle. Athletes who don’t make the cutoff time on the Run Section at 13km will simply turn at the mark, and return to finish at the Transition area 2.

These finishers will be awarded a “The challenger’s” t-shirt.

Individual classification and age categories

There will be an Individual classification for Men and one for Women. Age categories in these two classifications are as follows

  • Category Sport 18-39y
  • Category Masters 40+y

Relay teams and teams classification

There will be also a relay team classification for Men’s Teams, Women’s Teams and Mixed Teams

Relay teams cover the same distance and use the timing chip as relay token. After the swimmer has covered the swim segment he/she will pass on to the biker waiting at the Transition area the timing chip and in the same manner after the bike segment the biker will pass it on to the runner who will finish at the Finish line.

All rules apply for relay members as they do for individual participants.


All athletes will receive an electronic timing chip which they will wear on their ankle and secure it well. No timing will occur unless you wear the time chip through -ought the triathlon segments. Relay teams pass on to all members accordingly.


The awards ceremony will begin when all athletes who entered the Run section are back in Troodos square. The award ceremony will take place latest at 17:30

Categories awarded are age groups male & female:

  • Sport 18-39 years old
  • Masters:40+ years old
  • Men Teams, Women Teams and Mixed Teams


Buses will be appointed with a clear id on them reading “athlete bus” that will transport them from Olympus to Troodos Square. The buses will start their routes 30 minutes after the first participant has crossed the finish line. There will be multiple routes back and forth. 

After the award ceremonies the "athlete bus" will be transferring athletes back to Transition Area 1 in Pafos.

Recovery area at Troodos Hotel

There will be a recovery area setup at Troodos hotel where athletes can have some food and of course recovery drinks. Access in the recovery areas will be permitted to athletes wearing the official O3 OlympusMan wristband. A changing room will provided by the hotel where athletes can have a nice hot shower after they finish. 

Food and recovery drinks after the race are not included in the race package, therefore are paid extra.


All official results will be posted on the website a day after the event. The marshals and volunteers will have a hard time running this event so respect their duties and responsibilities trying to deliver you with a safe and fun race course. Obey all rules and directions by them and have a great race.

In case of bad weather

• In the rare case of bad weather conditions the organizers may propose a different running route. The announcement of the new route will be done before the first athlete is in transition 2. If the weather changes during the running part the race organisers have the right to change the finish. In this case the finishing order for people will be given based on the athletes arrival at the new finishing point.
• Under certain circumstances the race organisers may be required to deviate from the race rules and guidelines set out in this manual to ensure a safe race or to award true sportsmanship.

Race Support

O3 OlympusMan cannot be compared to other iron distance triathlons. This journey through spectacular Cyprus landscapes is a unique and unforgetable experience, but it is not without risk to the athletes. Support during the run can be provided from the supporters or by the organizers.

Organiser’s Support
  • The organizers will provide water, fruit and cakes and ready mixed carbohydrates for the athletes.
    • Water, fruits, cakes and ready mixed carbohydrates along the bike course at 36km in Kidasi in Platres at 57km and at Prodromos 76km. Water and feed zone there will be also at the Transition 2 area.
    • There will be 4 Water and feed zones at 3.5km, 13km, 17km and 20km of the run course.

Rules for Support Teams

If you are a participant that has a personal support team, you are responsible for ensuring that your support team understands their role and our rules, which are there to ensure participants’ safety. Please note that if your support team causes dangerous situations by behaving recklessly or violating these rules, you could be penalized or even disqualified.

  • The support team must be able to communicate with the race organizers in English or Greek.
  • Only one support car is allowed per athlete. Special instructions about the support cars and their location in the race will be announced in due time.
  • The support vehicle must abide by traffic regulations and posted speed limits and never drive directly behind or in front of a cyclist, as this could cause dangerous situations
  • Support can only be provided at the recognized aid stations and from outside the car, with the car parked safely and with all four wheels outside the road line.
  • The car must always be parked off of the road, with all four wheels off the white road demarcation line
  • Athletes may not sit in the car at any time during the race, even if the car is parked
  • To be able to pick up the athlete’s equipment in the transition zones, the support person is required to be wearing the O3 OlympusMan wristband
  • At least one person in the support team must be available on mobile phone throughout the race and until 18:00 on race day evening

The support vehicle

  • should be an ordinary car. Sedans, station wagons and SUVs are recommended. Campers, RVs, and cars with any kind of trailers are discouraged and will be subject to restricted parking opportunities along the course.
  • must display the O3 OlympusMan logo stickers and the bib number of the athlete in the top right corner of the windshield and in the rear window

Violation of the rules listed above may lead to a time penalty for the athlete or to his/her disqualification.

Race Rules - General

  • Full wetsuits according to water temperature on the day of the competition
  • The timing chip must be worn during the whole race. If the chip is lost, it is the athlete’s responsibility to contact O3 Olympus Man crew members in T1 or T2 to announce the loss of the chip. Time will be taken manually
  • The race number should not be worn during the swim, and must be stored visibly in T1, until the athlete exits the water.
  • The race number must be visible from the back at all times during the bike segment and from the front during the run.
  • Bikes must be in good working order
  • Helmets must be approved by a nationally accredited testing authority, or have the CE stamp.
  • Change of bike is not permitted. Changing wheels due to mechanical failure is permitted, provided the Race organiser is informed.
  • Compulsory kit - TBC. To be worn for whole run
  • Keep the O3 OlympusMan wristband, the card with the Race Office phone number and your mobile phone with you at all times during the race.
  • Please be friendly and encourage all other racers and supporters!

Time Penalties

Race marshals can issue time penalties or disqualify athletes if either the athlete or their support team violates the rules.

  1. Minor violations (yellow card) - 2 minutesMinor violations are Violating traffic regulations 
  • Obstructing traffic by not holding to the left whenever possible
  • Use of headsets or mobile phones while on the bike
  • Pacing on the bike leg, either by car or bike. 
  • Drafting off another athlete or motor vehicle. 
  • On the bike section, receiving support outside any of the recognized aid stations.
  • Second violation (yellow card) - 5 minutes 
  • Third violation, major violations or dangerous behavior (red card) - Disqualification 

  1. Drafting and Pacing rules: If caught drafting or pacing (observed by a Marshal) you shall be given a 10min penalty on the bike leg. A second drafting / pacing violation by the same athlete means that this athlete receives automatically a DQ.

 General Rules

The general rules of O3 OlympusMan Extreme Triathlon are based on the rules and regulations of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and the Cyprus Triathlon Federation

Race Withdrawal

If an athlete withdraws during the course of the race, the support crew is responsible for informing the Race Office.


All athletes must be over 18 years of age.


At registration, all athletes must present a valid photo ID (passport, driver’s license or similar) and a valid license to compete issued by his/her national triathlon federation.


  • Medical crew and race marshals appointed by the organizers may at any time during the race remove an athlete from the race, in case of health issues or risk of injury to the athlete.
  • The use of prohibited methods and substances included in the WADA List of Prohibited Substances and Methods is forbidden. The World Anti‐Doping Code in itself, or as implemented in the rules of the International Triathlon Union or the Cyprus Olympic and Paralympic Committee is binding for all participants in the O3 OlympusMan Extreme Triathlon. Athletes may be subject to random testing by Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority.

Release from Liability

Athletes and their support crews must sign the "Release from Liability" document before they receive their race number (the document is enclosed).

Additional Information

Registration Fees

€120 for the individual participants and €150 per team participation.

The registration fee is payable up to 4 days before the event. Following that a late payment penalty of €10 is applied

The entry fee includes:

  • 1 finishers T-shirt for the athlete
  • Transportation by bus back down to the starting area from the Troodos mountain for the finishers
  • Service at the transition zones, checkpoint and finish line
  • Food/drink stations zones with fruits, water and cakes!
  • Soup at the finish line
  • Shower and change rooms after the finish
  • Electronic timing
  • Personalized numbers (for registrations received by 22nd October)
  • Finishers medals
  • and your O3 OlympusMan goody bag

Cancellation rules

The following participation cancellation policy applies for the O3 OlympusMan, 2017

  • 75% refund for cancellation up to 5 weeks prior the event date
  • 50% refund for cancellation by 3 weeks prior the event date
  • No refunds for cancellation 2 weeks prior the event date


Please book your accommodation as soon as possible after you receive your confirmation.

Information about accommodation can be found here.

OlympusMan Crew

Please be friendly to the O3 OlympusMan crew. They are all volunteers, who have worked hard to give you the experience of a lifetime. The only pay they get - and the only reward they are looking for - is your enthusiasm.

Race officials

Please be friendly to the race officials (race director, marshals and medics), who take care of your safety. You are most likely to encounter on them on your marathon ascent from Pafos to Olympus. If you are unable to eat and drink, they are required to take you out of the race. Yes, this is a race like no other, and yes, you are doing it at your own risk, but your safety is still our first priority, and we want to avoid any casualties.


Please be friendly to the locals. They are totally amazed that you came, and they think you’re completely nuts to be doing this. You are. And they will support you the best way they can in your effort to succeed.


Our photographers will travel along on the race. They will take photos and video of you and other athletes, even when you are exhausted. You may not like it then, but trust us: the photos will be cool, and you’ll love having them afterwards. You do not need to acknowledge the photographers; just let them do their job.

Sponsors and partners

Please be friendly to our sponsors and partners. They help us keep your entry fee as low as possible.


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