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After five successful events, your favorite and challenging road event, the"0-2000" is back on Saturday 3rd June 2017 for one more fascinating challenge!


The hardest and most challenging Road Cycling race in Cyprus has a name and this is "0-2000"! In this case, the name says it all: where you start from, what to expect and where you finish!

There are many roads that start at sea level and can take you up the top of the Cyprus mountains, the Olympus peak at almost 2000m above sea level. We choose the shortest thus the steepest, most scenic and toughest route to the top!

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Starting from 0 meters Above Sea Level and finishing on almost 2000 meters, at the highest peak of Cyprus - Olympus (1952 m), this is the race that time is not the target, the top is! It's what we say, "Sky is the limit"!!

After 75km of uphill riding, you will conquer the top of the highest mountain in Cyprus!

The race starts in Limassol - exact starting point will be announced soon- and heads towards Kolossi, Kouris Dam, passes through the scenic rural roads of Lofou, Pera Pedi and Platres to finish on the top of Troodos, the Olympus peak.

After the finish, the participants will have the time to relax in Troodos Square before heading back to the starting point by bus (optional)!


For the beginner and less fit riders out there, we introduced in 2016 and we'll repeat it again in 2017, the 0-1000 challenge!

Starting from Limassol at 0m Above Sea Level, you will ride together with the rest of the riders towards Kolossi, Kouris Dam, climb through the rural roads of Lofou, descend to Pera Pedi and then give your last push to Finish in Platres village at 1050m Above Sea Level. In other words, the route is exactly the same as the "0-2000"race but riders will finish in Platres and not in Olympos!

After catching your breathe in Platres, you will be transferred by bus to Troodos Square for the awards ceremony.


  • Junior Men & Junior Women (17-18 yrs old)
  • Men & Women (19-29 yrs old)
  • Young Masters 1(30-34 yrs old)
  • Young Masters 2 (35-39 yrs old)
  • Expert Masters 1 (40-44 yrs old)
  • Expert Masters 2 (45-49 yrs old)
  • Veteran Masters 1 (50-54 yrs old)
  • Veteran Masters 2 (55+)

Race Schedule

Saturday, June 3rd 2017
  • 06:00 - 06:30 Number pick up ( place to be announced soon) 
  • 06:35 Start of the race
  • 12:30 Αward ceremony at Troodos square

The route

From Limassol, we head towards Kolossi, Kouris Dam, pass through scenic rural roads from Lofou, Pera Pedi and Platres to finish in the Olympus peak Troodos

The 0-1000 race finishes in Platres.

Map of the event

The route for 2017 is undergoing some small changes, to be updated soon!


The facts

  • Distance 75km
  • Total Ascent 2200m
  • Total Descent 300m
  • Start Elevation 0m
  • Finish Elevation 1952m

Cost of participation

  • Participation fee: €25
  • Transfer after the event to Start point: €12.

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