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The swim

The swim consists of one, two, three and four laps for the four different distances. For the shortest distance, you will be swimming towards the first buoy which you will leave to your left moving straight towards the next, turn left and head towards the next buoy which will be located on the beach. From there if you are doing just one lap you run towards the Transition area, or if you are continuing to more laps (2,3 or 4) you get in the sea again to complete your laps.

If you are doing the middle distance you swim another lap (total two) in the same manner before you swim to the beach exit, and for the long distance you swim another one ( total three ).For the Ultra distance you swim one more lap to make a total of four.

As soon as you exit the swim leg you have to call out your race number to the marshals and head towards the transition area where you will transition and push your bike at the mount/ dismount line clearly visible at the bike start. Your helmet has to be strapped on before picking up your bike and you have to cover your upper body wearing a t- shirt / singlet etc. Your helmet, bike, and body number have to be visible to all marshals at all times.

The bike

The bike consists of one, two, three and four laps for the short, middle and long and Ultra distance respectively. The course is consisted of dirt road with some more difficult and some easy flat parts, and it will be marked appropriately with arrow signs. Race marshals will be assigned to critical turns. There will be no wheel station. 

The bike exits the transition area facing inland, make a left turn and continues until you reach the long gravel road heading west.From there you ride on that gravel road until you reach a point you need to turn left again and go down to a more technical terrain, at the far end there is a left turn leading to a rather flat and rough terrain next to the beach front towards the last left turn before the transition area. Upon completion of your specified laps (you are responsible to count them); you will then move safely towards the mount / dismount line, dismount and push your bike towards your numbered bike rack position, you must unfasten your helmet after racking your bike.

There will be no water station on the bike course.

The run

For the short distance exiting the transition area you take the asphalt road towards the A1, and you make a left turn, then you make a sharp right turn on a dirt road, you make a right turn again and after a while you leave the dirt road turning left and then the last right turn that leads you to the finish line. For the Short, middle, long and ultra distance you must continue to complete one, two, three and
four laps respectively. The finish line will be located at the transition area. At turning points on the run there will be race marshals. A station with water available to all athletes will be situated near the transition area. At the finish area there will be water, and fruits.

The course will be marked with arrows and marshals. Police and volunteers will be spread along the course to guide you.
It is imperative that at all bike and run control points that are manned with marshals, athletes are to shout their race numbers.

In case of teams every athlete should complete the necessary number of laps for the respective distance. All athletes of a team must race for the same distance.


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